Hot Cocoa Bomb
Hot Cocoa Bomb
Hot Cocoa Bomb

Hot Cocoa Bomb

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Enjoy these Hot Cocoa bombs with a hot cup of water, milk, or coffee! Milk and coffee are the best!!

-Each is individually wrapped and placed in a nice box.
- Each Cocoa Bomb decoration varies. With the exception of the peppermint Cocoa Bomb, that has peppermint on top.

Made in kitchen that uses dairy, eggs, wheat, gluten, peanuts, tree nuts, soybean & other allergens not described.

*Everything is made to order to ensure freshness. 


Flavor Profiles: 

Milk Chocolate- milk chocolate shell, hot cocoa, marshmallows- topped with milk chocolate drizzle

Mocha- milk chocolate shell, hot cocoa, marshmallows and espresso powder- topped with espresso powder

Cookies and cream- white chocolate shell with Oreo cookie bits, white hot cocoa, marshmallows, Oreo cookie bits-topped with white chocolate drizzle and Oreo cookie bits

Salted Caramel- salted caramel flavored milk chocolate shell, salted caramel hot cocoa, marshmallows, caramel nibs- topped with caramel chocolate

Butterbeer- Butterscotch white chocolate shell, butterscotch hot cocoa, marshmallows- topped with gold shimmer

Peppermint- white chocolate shell with peppermint bits, candy cane hot cocoa, marshmallows, peppermint bits- topped with red chocolate

Mint Chocolate- milk chocolate shell, mint hot cocoa, marshamallows, Andes mint bits-topped with milk chocolate drizzle and Andes mint bits

Cinnamon Roll- white chocolate shell with cinnamon, cinnamon hot cocoa, marshmallows, cinnadust seasoning-topped with white chocolate drizzle and cinnamon sugar

Caramel Apple Cider- salted caramel shell, apple cider mix, drizzled with sated caramel chocolate and apple pie spice

Chocolate Raspberry- milk chocolate shell, raspberry hot cocoa, marshmallows, drizzled with raspberry chocolate

Grinch- green white chocolate, white chocolate hot cocoa, marshmallows- topped with green white chocolate drizzle and heart sprinkle

Chocolate Peanut Butter- milk chocolate shell, peanut butter hot cocoa, marshmallows- topped with milk chocolate drizzle and Reese bits

Banana pudding- banana white chocolate shell, banana hot cocoa, banana marshmallows, crushed Nilla wafers-topped with white chocolate drizzle, Nilla wafer crumbs and mini Nilla wafer

Snowball- white chocolate shell, white chocolate cocoa, marshmallows- covered with sugar crystals

Your Hot Chocolate Bombs are made to order and are shipped so you receive them the week you need them for. As much as we try to package our product(s) so they arrive to you intact- seller will not be responsible for cracked, broken, melted, or any damages that have occurred during shipping. We will not issue refunds or exchanges. But if there is any problems please message me directly. We appreciate your business. Orders are shipped via USPS Priority shipping with tracking. It’s advised to track you package & retrieve at delivery.