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Car Freshie

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Freshies are highly scented air fresheners for use in your car, locker, closet, drawers, or anywhere else in your home you want a scent. They come packaged in plastic bags with a scent label on the front, this makes them perfect for gifting. Warnings and additional information: Freshies last anywhere from 2-12 weeks. Always hang freshies, placing on surfaces may stain or damage. May melt in extreme heat. Do not consume. Keep away from small children and pets. Do not attempt to melt in wax warmers. IF YOU USE A SUN SHADE MAKE SURE THE FRESHIE IS HANGING INSIDE OF THE CAR AND NOT BETWEEN THE SHADE & YOUR WINDSHIELD.

Scent description:

Clean Cotton - A duplication of the popular Yankee Candle brand. Smells like sun-dried cotton combined with green notes, white flowers and a hint of lemon.

Creamy Vanilla - Absolutely fabulous sweet, sugary, buttery vanilla.

French Market - Flowerstall with roses, magnolia, gardenia, tuberose, and arris blossom.

Fruit Slices - A fruit salad blend with slices of grapefruits, oranges, lemons, strawberries, and ripe raspberries.

Leather - Leathery bouquet that smells like the inside of a saddle-shop!

Fierce - Smells just like the popular Abercrombie & Fitch men's fragrance. A bold clean scent with top notes of lemon, lavender, and marine accord with mid notes of rose and jasmine on a dry base of sandalwood, cedarwood, and musk.

Pumpkin Pickin - A spicy and creamy blend of lemon, coconut, clove, pumpkin puree, nutmeg and hawthorn on a sweet base of Tonka Bean, vanilla, and sugar.

Caramel Apple - The aroma of fresh red apple, banana peel, caramel, brown sugar, and vanilla.

Black Raspberry Vanilla - True to its name and warmed by summer's sun, this duplicate of the popular BBW fragrance has mouth watering goodness inspired by black currant, grapefruit and mandarin in the top note. Blackberry and apple touched by jasmine and violet warm the bloom, supported by naturally creamy sweet orange blossom.

Alpine cheer - A happy, holiday scent with warm balsam notes combining with spice hints of cinnamon and clove with an undertone of sandalwood and cedarwood. Inspired by the BBW® scent.
Black Ice - Masculine fragrance with fresh bergamot topnotes, wild lavender and subtle florals are followed by sandalwood and soothing musk. Inspired by the famous Little Tree air freshener scent
Candy Cane Bliss - A luscious sweet peppermint blended with rich vanilla.
Home Sweet Home - A classic heartwarming country blend of cinnamon, baking spices, clove and hints of sweet apples.
Moose Munch - Warm, buttery top notes with cinnamon spice on a base of creamy, sweet vanilla.
Salted Butterscotch - Warm Brown Sugar, Sweet Cream, a pinch of Sea Salt with delicious sweet, melted butter.